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Imon Food Hygiene CertificateBefore launching Thai Tasty Imon did a Food Hygiene & Safety course and although we learnt a great deal of valuable tips to keep our food hygienic and our friends safe I must admit that I was a lot happier in ignorant bliss. With all the bacteria, viruses, moulds and pathogens around it’s a small miracle that there are a million surviving humans on this planet never mind 5 billion.

So, as not to ruin your peace of mind too, I’ll cut out the gory details and give you some simple top tips for Thai Tasty food storage and heating so you can get the most enjoyment out of your meal and live long enough to write wonderful reviews about it.

1. Before handling the food wash your hands and clean behind your ears.

2. If you buy a dish from the Tasty Freezer and you allow it to thaw, you can’t re-freeze it.

3. If you buy from the Fresh & Tasty section or the Monthly Menu as a rule we’d say you can keep it for a couple of days in the fridge at under 5C. Alternatively, you can freeze what you don’t eat immediately.

4. If you want to eat part of a dish and keep some left-overs for later I suggest using a serving spoon to take second helpings from the container. If you use your table spoon the bacteria will breed like rabbits and any dish with coconut milk will be off by morning.

5. Because the Thai Tasty Monthly Menu is cooked throughout the day we have to cool dishes down quickly so they are not hanging around lukewarm. You will therefore have to reheat some dishes. You can do this in the microwave, if you have one, as all containers (apart from dips) are nuke-able. A minute or two should be enough, not too long or you risk overcooking the dish.

Alternatively you can reheat most dishes in a saucepan until you see steam or bubbles and heat things like spring rolls in the oven for ten minutes.

Remember, you are our friend so if you are not sure what to do just give us a call, you have our number.



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