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This website is primarily a place to show you what amazing Thai cuisine is available to you and describe a little bit about the offerings. Full descriptions for each dish are given in the Tasty Store

Thai Tasty Explained…

Monthly Menu

On the first Saturday of the month Imon cooks a fresh menu of several starters, mains and sides. Your selection can be picked up or delivered locally between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Order by the preceding Thursday to be sure of securing the dishes you desire.

Make sure you visit this site regularly to see the new menu or subscribe to the Thai Tasty email list and ‘like’ Thai Tasty on Face Book to receive your Monthly Menu.

Banquets for Special Events

If you are having guests visit for the weekend, hosting a party or just going camping in t’ Dales and think a Thai Tasty banquet could fit the bill have a chat with Imon and a suitable package, catering to all tastes (incl.kids!) and budgets, can be arranged.

Tasty Freezer

Extra dishes are cooked for the monthly menu and those not sold to last minute orders are ‘fast frozen’ to lock in all those wonderful tastes and aromas.

Check in the Tasty Freezer category of the Thai Tasty store to see what is in stock.

Tasty Freezer dishes are available to pick up at any time. You can even tell us the day before to defrost them so you can pick them up at your convenience ready to reheat.

All Tasty Freezer dishes are stored in microwaveable containers for easy defrosting and re-heating. (see Storage & Heating for more instructions)

Fresh & Tasty

If you order from the Thai Tasty Freezer and would like sides such as fresh rice and roti or certain starters like spring rolls, then just give Imon a bit of notice and she will be happy to make them fresh for you.

Tasty Dry Store

This is where you can get dry goods such as AAA Jasmine rice and Thia Style pork scratchings.

Many of the Thai snacks Imon has made following the recipes of her ancestors. There are also ingredients that either aren’t available in your local supermarket or we can do cheaper for you (because we grow them in the garden or buy in bulk).

Some of the dishes and snacks available you may never of heard of. For you to make that leap of faith and order requires a modicum of trust in us, your friends. We hope that we never disappoint.

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